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Swansea Labour council to instruct primary pupils on safety advice ahead of holidays

The Swansea Labour Council administration is ensuring more than 2,000 primary school pupils receive invaluable safety advice from a range of key professionals.

A total of 57 schools from around Swansea have signed up to take part in Crucial Crew which is run by the council’s Community Safety team.

It will see Year 6 pupils talk directly to representatives from a wide range of services including Community Safety, Road Safety, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, RNLI, Food Standards Agency, Network Rail and Western Power.

The aim is to raise awareness of everyday dangers young people face and to give them the skills and knowledge to deal with them.

Labour Cllr Alyson Pugh, Swansea Council’s Cabinet Member for Supporting Communities, said: “With the summer holidays fast approaching now is the ideal time to get our young people thinking about their own safety and that of others.

“Pupils at this age are also about to go to secondary school so will probably need to travel further and will live a little more independently than before. They may also be entrusted with more responsibility at home

“The great thing about Crucial Crew is they get this knowledge directly from frontline workers so they are learning in a fun and exciting way and are more likely to take on board what is said and remember it.”

Cllr Pugh added: “It is also an opportunity for our emergency services to explain a bit about what they do and how pupils can play their part in keeping us all safe.

“I’m grateful to the council’s community safety team for organising this event again this year and to our schools for their enthusiastic support.

“I’m sure the pupils that take part will have a great time and learn lots of useful information.”

Due to current Covid social distancing restrictions this year’s event, which will run between June 14 and 25, will be held remotely with frontline workers discussing issues with the pupils via the internet.

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