New council homes which would benefit from innovative energy saving design and features

Swansea Labour driving force behind further plans for council homes development in city

The Labour-led council is delighted to be behind development plans for even more social housing in Swansea.

The development has taken a step forward with the submission of plans for two new sites in the city.

Swansea Council is looking to continue the development of new council homes in Birchgrove and  and will follow the creation of 18 homes at Colliers Way which were completed in 2018.

A further 18 homes are set to be developed at Colliers Way as part of phase two of the development. 16 homes are also set to be built at Parc Yr Helyg in Birchgrove.

Labour Cllr Andrea Lewis, Cabinet Member for Homes and Energy, said: “The Council is working extremely hard to ensure we can keep up the momentum with the creation of new council homes in Swansea.

“Tenants have been benefitting from living in new homes in Colliers Way for the last year and we are looking forward to starting the development of the next phase as soon as possible. This will provide families in Swansea with modern, environmentally friendly homes that are some of the most innovative in the country in terms of how they generate energy.”

The Council recently bid successfully for £1.5million of funding from the Welsh Government’s Innovative Housing Programme (IHP), which will be used to install a series of innovative features such as solar panels and battery storage at the homes.

The additional funding means the new ‘Swansea Standard’ homes can now be developed as Homes as Power Stations.

Homes as Power Stations features as one of the strands of the £1.3 billion Swansea Bay City Deal.

Planning applications for both sites have now been submitted and a decision on the applications is expected by early February. A start on site will then follow in February and March.

And it is not just new homes that are benefitting from innovative approach to energy – a retrofit scheme is underway to a row of six council-owned bungalows in Craig Cefn Parc where new heating systems, battery storage and solar panels are being installed to the existing structures.

Cllr Lewis added: “We have identified a small number of homes that we feel are ideal for trialling retrofitting the ‘homes as power stations’ concept. It means the properties are being converted into homes that will generate clean, green energy using solar panels and benefitting from battery storage.

“The more traditional refurbishment work the Council is carrying out will mean the homes will also be warmer, leading to significantly lower energy bills for the tenants.”

A statement from the four Llansamlet ward councillors – Alyson Pugh, Mo Sykes, Penny Matthews and Ryland Doyle – said: “We are delighted that Swansea Council are building houses in Birchgrove. These houses will be energy efficient therefore reducing enery bills to a minimum which will be brilliant for the people who will live there! A Labour Council leading the way in housing development is something to be feet proud of!”

Penderry councillor June Burtonshaw said: “We are pleased to see more environmentally friendly homes being built at Colliers Way. Savings on heating costs for our tenants in well designed properties is very welcome. We hope this scheme continues to benefit our tenants and give them homes they enjoy living in.

Fellow Penderry councillor Terry Hennegan added: “I am absolutely delighted regarding of phrase two of new council house building at the Penplas site. I am sure residents in Penderry will be well pleased as they were in phase one at Colliers Way.”

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