PPE visors produced at home by John Pullen

Swansea Labour helps fund Swansea engineer’s bid to supply free PPE to health workers and schools

A Swansea engineer has invested his holiday refund into producing free PPE for NHS and care workers, and is now looking into supplying equipment for schools.

John Pullen, from Penyrheol, has been helped by a GoFundMe page and contributions from his two Labour councillors Andrew Stevens and Jan Curtice.

The funds have meant he has been able to purchase four 3D printers to produce a whole series of different PPE equipment for key workers in his spare time.

john pullen

John Pullen

“When I had a holiday to Mexico cancelled because of lockdown I decided to use the money to buy my first 3D printer and do something for the community instead,” explained John, whose wife Lisa works in a Sketty care home.

“And there seemed such a demand for PPE equipment such as reusable visors I started up a GoFundMe page which has raised nearly £3,000. I am also grateful to my local Labour councillors.

“As well as protective equipment for health sector I have also started looking into supplying themed equipment for schools such a princess and prince visors.

Added John: “The equipment I produce has the benefit of being reusable rather than disposable. I was not an expert on making this stuff but have learned on the job.”

John’s four 3D printers are now working around the clock to produce equipment.

Cllr Stevens said: “When I heard the great work John was doing we had no hesitation in helping him purchase a lot of the materials he requires to produce the much-needed PPE.”

Cllr Curtice added: “This is such a valuable and important service. The fact that John is now prepared to supply schools will be particularly vital as the lockdown is gradually lifted.”


Examples of special PPE visors

Examples of special PPE visors








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