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Swansea Labour-led Council setting up public consultation on provision of city toilets

The access to and provision of public toilets across Swansea is to become the focus of a new strategy by the Labour-controlled City Council.

That will include a public consultation about the provision of toilet facilities.

Along with all councils in Wales, Swansea Council, has been tasked with publishing a Local Toilets Strategy which will guide councils through how public toilets are managed in the future.

Part of developing the strategy includes carrying out an initial assessment of what is currently provided.

The Council must publish the strategy by the end of May 2019 and is calling on residents, businesses and charities to get involved.

Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment & Infrastructure Management, said: “Public toilets are a service that almost everyone uses from time to time. They are also a service which the public have expectations of in terms of access, cleanliness and opening times.

“The Welsh Government wants all councils to have a strategy in place and the first step is to carry out a needs assessment to understand what organisations and people want and need in our city.

“This will give us an initial view of what is currently provided in Swansea, what the public think and where there may be gaps in provision.

“We want to hear from everyone about their experiences whether they are good or bad.

“Once we have feedback from people and groups we can then draft a strategy to ensure we can work with others to improve provision in Swansea.”

Members of the public can now take part in a Toilet Strategy – Needs Assessment and can tell the Council if they use public toilets, if the facilities are clean or if they would like to see better provision in the community they live in.

To have your say on the Local Toilets Strategy click www.swansea.gov.uk/toiletsurvey



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