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Swansea Labour-led council to continue support for shielding residents

The Labour council administration has pledged to continue the delivery of emergency food parcels to Swansea residents who have been told to shield until restrictions are lifted next month.

The council is also working with the voluntary sector to ensure that the wide range of other support such as the collection of medication for vulnerable and isolated people continues beyond next month.

Around 9,000 Swansea people were instructed to shield because their medical condition put them at higher risk of Covid-19, but the Welsh Government has announced that it will be pausing shielding from August 16.

The council has supported those who are shielding and other vulnerable residents throughout the pandemic in a number of ways with many different departments working together.

Since early June Swansea Council has taken on the responsibility of delivering Welsh Government food parcels to shielded individuals in the city – supporting around 500 vulnerable people every week.

In total the council has delivered more than 5,000 Welsh Government food parcels to those shielding as part of its wider food support during the crisis which has supported more than 10,000 families.

People shielding are also among those who have been assisted by the council’s Local Area Coordinators (LACs), volunteer street champions and volunteers from the Swansea Council for Voluntary Service (SCVS) with accessing prescriptions and medication with more than 2,000 collections made.

Labour Cllr Alyson Pugh, the council’s Cabinet Member for Better Communities, said: “While people have been told to shield, our staff, working with volunteers, have done an incredible job supporting them when they have needed our help the most.

“The scale of support that has been available is astonishing and this could not have been achieved without our valued partners at Swansea Council for Voluntary Service  – the many volunteers that they recruited and trained and also the many volunteers who came forward to support our LACs.

“Although shielding is pausing next month we will continue to work together to ensure that support will be still be there for those who need it.

“The delivery of emergency food parcels will continue until shielding is paused and then we will help those who have been using the service to access other alternatives should they need to, such as supermarket home deliveries or if necessary the network of foodbanks in Swansea that will continue to operate.”



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