Potholes in Swansea

Swansea Labour paving the way for highway improvements

Swansea Labour are driving a new £5.9m scheme to improve some of the hundreds of miles of roads and pavements within the city and county.

The Labour-led Swansea Council has given the green light to a programme of work to maintain its Highway Infrastructure which includes roads, pavements, bridges and street lighting.

In February the Council approved its annual budget and allocated nearly £6 million towards maintaining highways.

The latest report to Cabinet has sought to recommend a detailed programme of repairs and maintenance for 2019/20 in relation to the agreed funding.

More than £3 million allocated for the improvements will fund planned works which feature in the Council’s 5-year programme for highways which stretches from 2015-20.

Along with resurfacing roads in the city, investment will be directed towards refurbishing street lighting where £250,000 has been allocated towards the upgrade of street lights.

A further £400,000 will be spent on drainage and flooding works to help prevent flooding during heavy rain.

The report also refers to the 147 bridges which feature across Swansea and £400,000 of funding is set to be directed towards maintaining these structures.

Further funding will be directed towards tackling the backlog of repairs which are monitored during regular highway inspections and includes potholes repairs and pavement improvements.

Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management, said: “This is a significant investment in our city’s highway infrastructure.

“We are responsible for a large and varied range of highway assets including over 1,100km of road, street lights, car parks and traffic control signals.

“As always, a large proportion of this will be directed towards maintaining our highway network, keeping the city moving.

“We are coming to the end of our existing five-year asset management programme which has set out what and where we are improving roads and pavements between 2015 -2020. We are ahead of schedule with this plan which means we can look at further improvements schemes not on the list before the end of the year.”

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