Plans for new council house development at Parc-yr-Helyg in Birchgrove

Swansea Labour pledge 1,000 new low energy homes to help reduce fuel bills

Swansea’s Labour-led Council is delighted to be pledging 1,000 low energy homes over the coming years as the administration’s house-building programme gathers pace.

A new report to the council cabinet this month on the continuing More Homes project states the council is investing £180m into the construction of the new homes.

And when the Swansea Labour administration completes the ‘low energy’ homes it could mean annual energy bills of £70 or less for occupants.

As well as plans for more council homes Swansea Labour intend to continue to support registered social landlords who between them are planning 4,000 new homes over the next decade.

Labour Councillor Andrea Lewis insists that Swansea is at the forefront of social housing construction in in Wales.

“Swansea is leading the way in Wales and we have a number of phases underway in the city which will provide modern housing for those that need it,” she said.

“All of the new homes the Labour administration will develop will be modern and energy efficient, using our own Swansea Standard and this will help to reduce instances of fuel poverty.”

Added Cllr Lewis: As well as providing high quality innovative housing for our residents this plan also enables the Labour-run council to make use of our local workforce by using in-house corporate building services. This is helping to provide a significant boost to our local economy.”

A second phase at Colliers Way and a new development at Parc y Helig in Birchgrove are now under way. The 34 properties are being developed as ‘homes as power stations’ to ‘Swansea Standard’, which means ultra-modern energy saving innovations. That includes ground source heating, battery storage and solar panel-covered roofs.

Additional finding of £1.5m has been received by Swansea Council from the Welsh Government’s Housing Programme Scheme.

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