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Swansea Labour putting climate emergency at the centre of their agenda

The Swansea Labour-led Council is committed to tackling the climate emergency head on.

And with that in mind Swansea residents are to be given their say on how the city can best continue to roll out a green agenda.

Residents are being asked for their thoughts on the best ways that local individuals and organisations can take action to save the planet.

The Swansea Council survey is aimed at all residents of all ages – and organisations of all types. Those involved will include schools, businesses and groups that can sometimes be hard to reach.

Labour Cllr Andrea Lewis, the council’s joint deputy leader and cabinet member for homes, energy and service transformation, said: “I encourage people and organisations across the city to take this simple survey – it will help us achieve so much as we look to go net zero.”

Initially the survey is online but, as restrictions are lifted, the council will explore other methods.

It represents the start of a conversation which the Labour council want with the public as they look to create a strategic city-wide approach to achieving a net zero carbon Swansea.

Already, the council has a Charter on Climate Action – and hopes this will inspire other people and organisations around the city to join them in making a pledge as part of city-wide action.

It is a visible public reminder that the council aims to become net zero carbon by 2030 – and aims to make the city net zero by 2050.

Added Cllr Lewis: “We want to know what you think we should prioritise to help the whole city address this era-defining crisis.

“We all want to leave a better planet for future generations – and now is your chance to tell us what actions the city and its citizens should focus on to have the most positive effect.”

“Businesses, community and voluntary groups, other organisations and individuals can all make a difference.

“They’ll all be at the heart of our approach and we want to build a long-term dialogue for the good of us all.”

Questions in the survey include: How do you feel about climate change? To what extent are you prepared to make changes to make Swansea net zero by 2050? What would help you make changes for a net zero Swansea?

The Survey –  www.bit.ly/3050swansea – is open until around the end of March. To access the survey in a different format please email.climatechange@swansea.gov.uk

More information: www.swansea.gov.uk/climatechange



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