Swansea Council's beach campaign

Swansea Labour right behind ‘Don’t Be a Lobster’ campaign

Swansea Labour is backing a campaign to ensure beach goers protect themselves in strong sun conditions.

The campaign – Skin Care Cymru’s ‘Don’t Be a Lobster’ – is being supported by Swansea Council after a launch event at Langland Bay.

The campaign calls on adults and children to use sun cream and cover up during hot sunny weather.

The health campaign also involves signage being erected at beaches and includes a striking interpretation of the Welsh flag in which the dragon has been replaced with a lobster.

Signs were installed at the first site at Blackpill Lido in 2017 and this year new signage has been put up at Langland.

Dozens of schoolchildren from Grange and Oystermouth Primary Schools attended the launch and were provided with sun cream and ‘don’t be a lobster’ sun hats.

Mark Child, Swansea Labour’s Cabinet Member for Care, Health and Ageing Well, said: “It makes perfect sense for us to be working with Skin Care Cymru on this campaign. Swansea is well known for its beaches and we need to be doing what we can to ensure those that visit the beach when the sun is shining are well protected.

“At best, people, including children can suffer from painful sunburn which we don’t want to happen. At worst, skin can become permanently damaged and potentially lead to skin cancer.

“It’s vital we work with all the various agencies including ABMU Health Board to try and help prevent people from the risks associated with prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun.

“Go and have a lovely time at our beaches and enjoy what we have but please ensure you are sensible and protect yourself.”

In recent weeks, Morriston Hospital has reported at least seven cases of serious sunburn.

Deb Vine, the campaign organiser for Skin Care Cymru, said: “The campaign is very simple – it’s about encouraging people to cover up in strong sun and protect themselves from the risks of skin cancer.

“We know that Morriston Hospital has been busy recently with several cases of sunburn.

“Wales has the highest incidence of skin cancer in the UK. We really need to tackle this and remind people about the dangers of being out in the sun for too long without any protection.

“Hopefully this campaign will help get the message out to the public.”


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