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Swansea Labour – the only party with the vision to deliver a better Swansea

Council leader Rob Stewart insists that a vote for Swansea Labour on Thursday is the only sensible option in continuing the job of building a better Swansea.

Swansea Labour met all their pledges five years ago and will deliver again as it carries on rolling out a string of enterprising projects, not least the £1.3bn Swansea Bay City Deal.

“None of the other parties have a manifesto, have a plan, have a strategy, and let me tell you now they will not deliver the sort of future we are offering the people of Swansea,” insisted Cllr Stewart.

“One of the hardest things for people when we were elected in 2012 was to deal with the negativity, the let-down people had felt after eight years of a LibDem, Independent, Tory, Plaid Cymru coalition,” insisted Cllr Stewart.

“All of those parties were responsible for the city we have inherited and that’s one of the hardest things that we as Labour councillors and Labour politicians have had to deal with over the past five years. And boy have we done it.

“But if they think that we have been ambitious in the last five years that is nothing compared to what we are going to do given the chance on Friday.”

Here are five key pledges that Swansea Labour will deliver to the people of the city:

Better homes and safer communities

Swansea Labour will invest more than £200m to improve council homes and to build a new generation where energy bills will be less than £70 per year. It will build more high quality affordable homes helping people get on the housing ladder. Everyone should have a safe secure place to live. Swansea Labour will take tough action on those who disrupt communities and blight people’s lives.

Better Education and the best Care 

A Swansea Labour-led council will invest nearly £1bn in education including more than £100 million for better schools, giving our children the best start in life. It will provide 30 hours of free childcare and encourage schools to offer low cost childcare at the start and end of the school day, will help people to age well and stay healthy and will roll out 3G all weather pitches across Swansea to encourage sport participation. Swansea Labour will ensure our elderly and vulnerable are supported to be able to live in their own homes with dignity and respect for as long as they want. They will also build new care facilities for those with the most complex needs.

More Jobs and Opportunities

Swansea Labour will create more than 10,000 new jobs as we build a better, modern and thriving city centre with new shops, restaurants and leisure attractions. This will include the new Arena and Aquarium. It will create a new city park, a new Castle Gardens and make Swansea a leading UK destination again. Under Cllr Stewart Swansea Labour will regenerate our towns and urban centres and support local businesses to grow. It will offer apprenticeships to give people skills and help them back into work.

Better Transport, safer roads and a greener city

There will be investment in better roads, and better public transport making sure no community is without bus services. Swansea Labour will invest in Swansea’s parks, libraries and community buildings to ensure local priorities are delivered. It will freeze parking charges everywhere for at least two years, and guarantee no cut to the black bag limit. It will expand recycling options so people can recycle more easily closer to where they live and will take tough action on fly tippers. Swansea Labour will continue to roll out wildflower beds and flower displays across the city and reinstate the annual floral clock display.

Swansea Labour will deliver what they promise

Swansea Labour inherited a city where people thought nothing was ever going to happen, where the money stayed in Cardiff or London. We had had years of drift and decay and had fallen behind others. Swansea Labour changed that and delivered all 100 of our 2012 pledges! In March, it secured Wales’s biggest City Deal which will bring £1.3bn of investment and 35,000 well-paid jobs to Swansea and the region. The deal will help transform Swansea and provide great opportunities for people in every community. People should not have to leave Swansea to find the job or career they want. No other party is committed to fully delivering the deal project and on their record no other party will do it. Swansea Labour is working hard to secure the final go-ahead for the Tidal Lagoon and is confident of getting that in the next few months.

The full manifesto can be viewed here: https://www.swansealabourcouncillors.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/LCP23667-Labour-Manifesto.pdf

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