An artist's impression of plans for the new YGG Tan-y-lan building off Beacons View Road, Clase

Swansea Labour to continue policy of building environmentally friendly homes


The Labour-led Swansea Council is building even more environmentally friendly homes in the city after receiving a share of a £30 million Welsh Government grant.

Twenty-six new homes are to be developed in the Clase community in the city following confirmation that the Council had secured more than £1.5 million from the WG Innovative Housing Programme (IHP).

The funding will help continue the Council’s ongoing ‘More Homes’ programme which has already seen new energy efficient homes developed in other parts of Swansea.

Labour councillor Andrea Lewis, Cabinet Member for Homes and Energy in Swansea Council, said: “The latest round of funding will enable us to develop even more quality housing that benefits from the latest innovative energy saving technology and helps keep energy costs to a minimum for tenants.

“This latest announcement illustrates the commitment we have already made in developing new homes in Swansea where we are being viewed as leading the way in Wales in innovative housing programmes.

Added Cllr Lewis: “An important aspect of these developments is also our use of local work forces which have been made possible through our own in-house Building Services Team.

“Swansea as a city is benefitting hugely from these schemes not just in terms of good quality housing but also in terms of employment.”

The new homes, to be sited at Beaconsview, Clase, will feature integrated solar roofs, battery storage and ground source heat pumps. All of the technologies being installed will assist the properties in generating their own electricity which will be used to power the homes.

Swansea has already started construction of 34 new ‘Swansea Standard’ homes at Colliers Way in Blaenymaes and Parc Yr Helig in Birchgrove. Both schemes were funded via the previous IHP funding settlement.

Welsh Government Housing Minister Julie James visited the site at Parc Yr Helig to make this year’s announcement and view progress made at the site with previous grants.

She said: “We face serious challenges in Wales, in terms of responding to the climate emergency and also delivering more affordable housing. This programme offers us the chance to develop homes with low fuel bills to tackle fuel poverty, homes designed and built with a low carbon impact in mind, and homes that can evolve with their households.”




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