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Swansea Labour warning after seizure of £50,000 haul of fake trainers

Swansea Labour has sent out a warning to city shoppers after the city’s Trading Standards department seized a haul of fake trainers worth £50,000.

The confiscation came after it was discovered fake trainers being sold via Facebook in Swansea. It led Trading Standards to a storage facility in the Midlands where more than 2,000 pairs of fake Nike trainers were discovered.

The trainers, along with fake perfume and make-up, have now been confiscated by the Council while the investigation continues.

Bargain hunters in Swansea are now being urged to take care when ordering goods online, particularly via social media sites.

“This is a classic case of buyer beware. I would urge Swansea shoppers to think twice before embarking on buying anything which appears to be a complete bargain. If it appears to be too good to be true, then usually it is,” said Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet member for Environment and Infrastructure Management.

“This is that time of year when the public are looking for bargains and are therefore vulnerable to scammers selling fake goods, often very bad quality, at attractive prices.

“We are lucky in Swansea that we have a very alert and informed Trading Standards team who are out there protecting the public of Swansea. Their advice is to purchase your items from reputable high street shops or use authentic web-based stores to buy gifts for Christmas.”

Counterfeit items labelled up to be popular clothing brands such as Nike and Adidas are being advertised.

Electrical products such as digital cameras and hair straighteners are also been advertised and sold at a fraction of the cost of the real items.

It is rare these items are authentic and are usually poor quality, and in many instances, electrical items are also potentially dangerous.



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