Swansea Labour candidates Rob Marshall and Adam Gilbert at Caswell beach

Swansea Labour welcome extra litter pickers on city’s beaches

Swansea Labour councillors and candidates have heralded the recruitment of 10 extra litter pickers on beaches in the area for the summer season.

The litter pickers, employed by Swansea Council, will be collecting rubbish and emptying bins every day at beaches at Langland, Caswell, Port Eynon and Horton.

It will back up Swansea Labour’s election pledge to continue to be Wales’s greenest authority.

The council will have small teams based at beaches over the late spring and summer, adding to the litter-picking and bin emptying teams that are out throughout the year.

Rebecca Evans AM with Swansea Labour candidates for May 4th Council elections Rob Marshall (Newton) and Adam Gilbert (Bishoston)

Rebecca Evans AM with Swansea Labour candidates for May 4th Council elections Rob Marshall (Newton) and Adam Gilbert (Bishoston)

Mark Child, Cabinet member for Wellbeing and Healthy City, said: “This is a positive move and will certainly make visits to our world-class beaches that much more pleasant for beach-goers.

“I hope lots of locals and visitors enjoy our lovely beaches and take their mess home so others can do the same.”

Robert Francis-Davies, Cabinet Member for Enterprise, Development and Regeneration, said: “This move continues the Swansea Labour-led City Council’s policy on becoming as green an authority as possible.

“We are very keen to keep our world-class beaches as clean as possible at all times and especially during the summer months.”

Rob Marshall, Labour candidate for Newton, said: “I really welcome this response by Swansea Council to keep our popular beaches clean.”

Adam Gilbert, Labour candidate for Bishopston said: “These beaches are a huge asset and it’s good to see increased efforts to keep them tidy.”

CAPTION: Rob Marshall, Swansea Labour candidate for Newton, and Adam Gilbert, Swansea Labour candidate for Bishopston, at Caswell Beach

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