Homelessness Consultation

Swansea Labour welcomes public consultation on city homelessness strategy

The public are set to have their say on a homelessness strategy developed by Swansea Council.

In Wales, under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, all councils must have a strategy in place by the end of 2018.

The Council has now drafted its homelessness strategy and action plan which will set out how the council seeks to tackle the issue during the next four years.

The new strategy is based on a homelessness review which was completed previously.

The review has shown that there has been around 2,500-3000 homeless presentations each year for the past five years. In 2016/17 2,661 homeless decisions were made where 43% of those were seen to be threatened with homelessness within 56 days. The Council was able to prevent homelessness for 73% of those households and performed above the Welsh average.

The draft strategy refers to a number of causes of homelessness including; domestic abuse, loss of rented accommodation, breakdown of a relationship with a partner or parents no longer willing or able to accommodate their offspring.

Labour councillor Andrea Lewis, Cabinet Member for Homes and Energy, said: “This strategy is key to the council’s aims of tackling and preventing homelessness in the city.

“We expect to face a number of challenges over the next four years in relation to homelessness. It’s vital that all the partners involved both within the council and externally, work together to ensure the people of Swansea are able to access safe, secure and sustainable accommodation.

“In recent years we have achieved much to prevent families and individuals from becoming homeless and I’m confident that the draft strategy will provide everyone with the way forward during the next four years to continue this important work.

“We are also keen to hear the views of the public on this draft strategy so they can play their part in making Swansea a better place to live for everyone.”

A public consultation on the draft homelessness strategy and action plan will start on Monday, 3 September.

Two drop-in sessions have also been arranged where the public can visit the Civic Centre and talk about the strategy with council officers. They take place on 19th September (10am-12pm) and 24th September (3pm-5pm).


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