Cllr Andrea Lewis pictured with Swansea Council staff celebrating the completion of new homes

Swansea Labour’s positive housing policy continues with 50 new homes set to welcome first tenants

The Swansea Labour council administration have put good quality, energy-efficient and affordable housing at the top of its to do list.

That commitment to providing high-quality housing continues this month when the latest new homes to be built by Swansea Council come on stream.

And these are just some of the 1,000 that the council aims to see built over the coming decade.

Construction of more than 50 new properties built for affordable rent, ranging from flat conversions to three-bedroom family homes are being completed and will be prepared for tenants to move into in the coming months.

Twenty-five new homes in Hillview Crescent, Clase, 18 homes in Colliers Way, Penlan and eight flats in the former Bryn House in Walter Road are all coming on stream.

The package of new homes, which is also an energy-efficient programme, is part of a multi-million pound investment in the future of social housing in Swansea.

Labour Cllr June Burtonshaw has given her reaction to the new 18 homes  in her ward of Penderry.
“I’m delighted to see the second phase of our new council housing ready for occupation,” she said.
“These energy efficient homes will help families save on their bills and provide excellent accommodation. Residents are very pleased with the earlier properties and a friendly community has been developed. I look forward to the future build of energy efficient properties in our ward, benefitting our tenants.”
And another Penderry councillor, Hazel Morris added: “Yet more first class housing to be added to the welcome new building at Colliers Way.” 

This year alone it’s expected more than £7m will be spent by the council building new homes, creating and protecting jobs and apprenticeships for local people as part of the process.

Labour Cllr Andrea Lewis, Cabinet Member for Homes, Energy and Service Transformation said tenants will be thrilled with their new homes which will be among the most energy-efficient new homes anywhere in Wales.

She said: “Good quality, affordable homes for rent are in great demand in Swansea both for single people and for families. In the coming year we’ll be investing around £7m more in new homes to keep the momentum going.

“Better homes for our residents is one of the critical building blocks of creating a better future for children, for families and for our city.

“Despite the pandemic we have continued with our house-building programme because better homes improve people’s health, affordable homes that are energy efficient helps reduce poverty and together they contribute to happier communities.

She added: “Under our More Homes initiative, the new homes we’re building are the first we’ve been allowed to do in a generation. We’re determined they will break new ground in levels of energy efficiency so our tenants will be able to keep fuel bills down.

“Over the next decade, we will continue to improve energy efficiency of our homes to reduce carbon emissions. Our commitment to better homes has and will continue to create hundreds of jobs for our communities. Better homes is about building a better Swansea.”

Funding for the new homes and the upgrades for existing homes is coming from the rents paid by tenants, Welsh Government grants and HRA borrowing. None of the spending is from the council tax.

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