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Swansea plans to be Wales’ first national park city in bid to help tackle climate change

Swansea’s Labour-led council say they are on track to double the amount of green space over the next decade as they target becoming Wales’ first national park city.

And with this in the Swansea Bay City Deal plans, Natural Resources Wales believes the green infrastructure development could help the city adjust to climate change.

Already the Kingsway and other parts of the city are taking shape in terms of producing more green spaces.

And Swansea Council leader Rob Stewart insists Swansea will lead the way in Wales with regards creating a green infrastructure.

“As Swansea is rebuilt, we will deliver a greener more beautiful natural environment for everyone to enjoy, but more importantly one that keeps us healthy,” said Cllr Stewart.

“New ‘green lungs’ will be created across Swansea as we work with Natural Resources Wales to create what could be Wales’s first national park city with new green pubic areas, woodlands and other nature supporting spaces.”

The aim is to help with issues such as flooding, while boosting wildlife and residents’ wellbeing.

It comes amid calls to develop a series of “urban national parks” across Wales.

Swansea Council, working with NRW, is preparing to publish its strategy for more “green infrastructure”, following months of public consultation.

Fran Rolfe, sustainable places officer at NRW, said: “It is an important opportunity to regenerate this city for wildlife and wellbeing

“We did a huge amount of community engagement to really make sure we knew what they wanted to see. [It shows] the market and developers that people actually want this stuff.”

Rolfe will work with local businesses and community groups to help guide their efforts – which could include vertical wall gardens, urban allotments and more trees.

Already two major housing associations have pledged to take part, with Coastal Group planning a green roof on their office block in the city centre.

Town and city councils have been invited to an environmental conference to learn more about the idea. At the event in Cardiff they will hear from those behind London’s efforts to become the world’s first National Park City.

The idea is that local communities, businesses and public bodies work together to join up existing areas of greenery so wildlife can move through them, as well as creating more.



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