Tackling the issue of fly-tipping

The following are two letters published recently in the South Wales Evening Post by Cllr Lesley Walton from Townhill Ward:

Tackling Fly-tipping (Evening Post, 25.2.19)

I note there have been two articles this week highlighting fly-tipping.  This issue seems never-ending, but I don’t think it needs to be.

To tackle it I think we need to take a two stage approach, firstly in deciding how best to deal with it when it happens, and secondly devise a strategy aiming to at least reduce it, if not prevent it, happening in the future.

With the former I think we’ve got to stop expecting the council to do it all.  Yes, we need them to deal with the bulky items, and issue fixed penalty notices, but we can do our bit by reporting it as soon as possible – phone 01792 635600 or go on-line at – and with council support we can actually help to clear it up. 

Of course it’s not really fair that the rest of us, including council staff, clear up the mess others make, although I could argue we all benefit, and for some there’s satisfaction gained by doing it.  But I also I believe it goes towards achieving the longer term plan, as it can help change people’s attitudes, get as many as possible to realise that it’s not acceptable to do this, and to appreciate that it’s much nicer to see a clean fly-tipping-free environment.

Ring-fenced Money (Evening Post, 20.2.19)

I appreciate that it can be easy to assume that the council would have had a choice on how it spent the available money when carrying out projects such as revamping Castle Gardens, and implementing the bendy bus scheme. 

But this money is ‘ring-fenced’ which means it can only be spent on the project that it was given for.  Put another way it wouldn’t have been available for anything else.

Whether these should have been done is another question but the point here is that the council could not have saved money by not doing them.  And so in these times of continued austerity, despite claims to the contrary by the UK Tory government, the council has to find other ways of making up the £20m-plus shortfall.

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