West Cross councillors Des Thomas and Mark Child

West Cross Labour councillors win debate on promenade

West Cross councillors Mark Child and Des Thomas say they are delighted that the Council have listened to the concerns of residents and decided not to proceed with placing a new building on the Mumbles side of the West Cross Inn.

The Council has engaged in a public consultation on a number of sites around the bay including the car park at the bottom of Sketty Lane, the Blackpill Lido, land around the skate ramp at West Cross and two tennis courts in Langland.

But following strong representation from Cllrs Child and Thomas and the local community, the Council have indicated that the West Cross Inn site development plans are very unlikely to go forward.

Labour Cllr Mark Child said: “I am delighted that the Council have listened to our comments and submission about this site in West Cross. I have shared our submission with a number of constituents who have all commented that it is a good response.

“I want to improve access to the promenade, add to the attractiveness of the of the prom, and increase the amount of people enjoying it. I believe this is the Council’s motivation as well, but I welcome the recognition that this is not a site for permanent structures and we have been able to protect it.”

Cllr Thomas said he welcomed the withdrawal of the West Cross Inn site.

“We, Mark and I, immediately made our feelings known to the Council when the PIN notices (Prior Information Notices) were first announced, although I personally had to choose my words carefully, being a member of the Planning Committee, and not therefore being accused of predetermining any future Planning Application,” said Cllr Thomas.

“Some of the other sites advertised are ‘crying out’ for investment, and it’s particularly sad to see the Blackpill Lido site only being used for three or four months of the year due to the financial situation that SCC finds itself in.”

Meanwhile, Swansea Labour has torn into Plaid Cymru criticisms of Council plans to develop several sites on the seafront of Swansea Bay.

Plaid AM Dr Dai Lloyd and Plaid’s Gower parliamentary candidate, John Davies, have both been critical of plans for West Cross, calling the Labour-controlled Council plans “Acts of environmental, and economic vandalism”.

But as well as shelving the plans by the West Cross Inn the Council have ruled out any high-rise development although such schemes as cafes and residents may be considered in a bid to boost tourism.

Everything Labour has approached on the matter has gone out to public consultation and it has been decided to shelve one of the plans to develop the grassy piece of land on the Mumbles side of The West Cross Inn.

Deputy Leader of the Council, Labour Cllr Clive Lloyd, laughed off a claim by Mr Davies who asked whether the authority would be willing to commit the same crime as they did 60 years ago when they sold 300,000 tonnes of sand from Swansea beach for cash to Blackpool.

Cllr Clive Lloyd said: “Given that Plaid Cymru have been completely rejected by the electors of Swansea over the past two elections I’m not sure what mandate Dai Lloyd or John Davies has and I certainly can’t be held responsible for a decision that was 60 years ago given. I’m 54!

“This just shows how negative the so-called ‘Party of Wales’ are when it comes to Swansea with nothing positive to contribute. We will listen to the people that matter: the people of Swansea, and make informed decisions on their views, not political opportunists.”





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