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West Cross ward’s Labour councillors reselected to fight the ward in the May elections.

West Cross’ two Labour councillors have been reselected to fight the ward in the May council elections.

Councillors Des Thomas and Mark Child have celebrated several key successes during their current term, including bringing more trees and flowers to the area, improving the village green, introducing school safety measures, traffic calming, Blackpill traffic congestion measures and the addition of new benches and bins.

Cllr Mark Child said: “We both live in the ward and are pleased with the things we have managed to achieve for constituents and neighbours during our time as councillors. We are eager to continue serving West Cross and Norton for another term.”

Cllr Des Thomas said: “We in the West Cross Ward are fortunate to live in a lovely area, and we will do all we can to protect and improve our environment. During the past few years we have seen major improvements in our ward, from road safety measures to improvements to council properties and enhancements to the visual appeal of the area. We’re delighted to be standing again in West Cross.”

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