Standing Up For Swansea

2019 Budget: Labour-led council ready to invest more in schools and social care

Swansea Council, under the control of Swansea Labour, is pledging…
School bus

Swansea Labour driving forward new contracts to reduce school transport costs

Swansea Labour are behind new contracts between Swansea Council…
Proposed new centre at Cockett House site

Swansea Labour behind new education centre for vulnerable young people

Swansea Labour has been driving forward work on a brand new centre…
New zebra crossing in Dunvant

Dunvant councillors delight at zebra crossing installation

Residents, councillors and the police are delighted at the installation…
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Swansea Labour at forefront of £1.5m move to cut class sizes at four city schools

Work is to take place at four Swansea schools to improve facilities…
Leon Britton and Lee Trundle back schools' campaign to sort out dog poo problem in Dunvant

Swans stars back schoolchildren’s poster campaign to clear parks and streets of dog poo

Swansea City ambassadors Leon Britton and Lee Trundle have backed…
Swansea Clean Air Show

Swansea city centre getting geared up for second annual Clean Air Roadshow

Swansea Labour are driving the second annual Clean Air Roadshow…

Labour celebrating school improvement for fourth year in a row

Labour is delighted that schools in Swansea have shown improvement…
Education budget boost by Swansea Council

Labour-led council delighted to provide schools with extra £2.2m of funding

Swansea Labour is committed to educational improvement which…
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

Labour-led council leading the way on children's rights

Swansea Labour have been at the forefront of an event celebrating…