Dunvant Cllrs Jennifer Raynor and Louise Gibbard at the new crossing

Dunvant Councillors unveil new long-awaited Pelican crossing

After an eight-year campaign Dunvant’s two Labour councillors have finally been celebrating the installation of a much-needed Pelican crossing in their ward.

The crossing on Dunvant Road near the junction with Goetre Fawr Road had been high on the councillors’ wish list.

But thanks to their campaigning and a contribution from their councillor community budget the project is now up and running.

“We are really delighted that this crossing is in place,” said Cllr Jennifer Raynor.

“When Labour retook this ward in 2012 this was one of the issues that the residents had flagged up – the need for a safe crossing, especially if the school crossing patrol person was ill or unable to make it.

“We had lots of conversations about lots of over-engineered and expensive schemes but I’m glad to say we have a system that is value for money and provides a safe crossing opportunity.”

Councillor Louise Gibbard added: “We have had lots of positive feedback since this has gone in for the start of the school term.

“Parents, families and carers are really pleased that we have provided this crossing point for getting up to the school and across to Dunvant Park.”

The area where the crossing is situated in Goetre Fawr Road will also see the implementation of a 20mph speed limit which is already in place on Dunvant Road.

CAPTION: Cllrs Jennifer Raynor and Louise Gibbard by the new crossing in Dunvant Road

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