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Mynyddbach councillor funds horticulture pod at Clase Primary School

Mynyddbach councillor Gloria Tanner has donated £2000 from her community grant to fund a horticultural pod at Clase Primary School.

The pod will be used to educate the children about horticulture and healthy eating.

Cllr Tanner, who is a governor at the school, said: “It was raised at a Governors’ meeting that they were hoping to build the tunnel for educational use for all the children, and it seemed an ideal project for me to support.

“The pod continues the school’s programme of healthy eating. It looks like a large greenhouse and contains posters and pictures of different fruits and vegetables. The children learn how to plant seeds and how to take care of them to ensure they grow.

“On the day of the opening they were planting potatoes and had tomato plants there too. The children were so enthusiastic and interested. I’m delighted to be able to support this project. Clase Primary School is a fabulous school with a fantastic headteacher, Sharon Hope.”

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