Langland beach car park

Swansea Labour administration behind decision to reopen beach car parks

After a couple of months of closure due to the coronavirus lockdown the Council-run car parks along Swansea’s coastline have reopened to motorists.

The reopening of the car parking facilities by the Swansea Labour-led Council has coincided with changes to restrictions on movement, announced by the Welsh Government, allowing the public to drive five miles within their local area.

Public toilets near to beach car parks which closed as part of the lockdown will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Labour Cllr Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management, said: “The latest announcement by the Welsh Government provides locals with a little bit more freedom to move around our city.

“We, along with the public, want to get things back to normal as quick as we can but there are still many issues to consider and plans to put in place to reopen public services safely.

“Our car parks are now open as normal and this includes council-run car parks along our coastline.

“I would also appeal to residents to help us keep our beaches clean and ensure they take their litter home if bins are full. We are still in a situation where cleansing services are limited and bins may not be emptied immediately so we need the public to play their part and not simply leave litter near full bins.”

Although beach car parks are now open as normal, the Council has been informed by the RNLI that lifeguard supervision will not be in place until later in the year. Signs are now in place at beaches reminding families of this issue.

Chris Cousens, Water Safety Lead for the RNLI in Wales, said: “We urge the Welsh public to remember the following safety advice: Stay in familiar surroundings and follow the Welsh Government advice.

“Do not put yourself, your family and emergency services at risk by taking risks or assuming it ‘won’t happen to you’. If you do see someone at risk call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

Added Cllr Thomas added: “It’s vital that families understand that at this stage, the RNLI are not providing their normal lifeguard service, so families need to be extra cautious about how they use beaches.

“Our public toilets are still closed and residents should be mindful of this if driving to beach areas.”


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